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1.70 How often do air conditioning units need to be charged with freon?

Q. We have been having terrible problems with our central air conditioning unit. Our house is about 8 years old and we have a zone system (separate heating and cooling thermostats for upstairs and downstairs). For the past 2 years the unit is not cooling the house properly (heating works fine). We had the dampers replaced 2 years ago and I know the dampers are fine. We have had several repair technicians look at the unit. They always recharge the unit with more Freon (3 times in 1 summer) after claiming to fix a leak. This past weekend again a repair person claimed that we had an internal leak in the unit. He said that he had plugged the leak and then he charged the unit with Freon. Not only did this not work (our house continued to get hotter from 73F to 85F while AC was running all day) the pipe coming from the unit outside our house was all frozen over with ice (all the way to where the insulation started). Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. Thank you.

A. A system only needs to be charged once, when it is installed. If it gets a leak, the leak must be repaired, and verified that it is repaired with a vacuum test. It is a laborious process, and some homeowners would rather just juice up the machine each year than spend the funds to get it repaired. Some units have leaks that can never be identified. There are lots of fittings, small bends in the coils, and hundreds of feet of tubing that need to be traced with an accurate tool. Many Tech's don't have access to this tool, and rely on soap bubbles to identify leaks. Contact the manufacturer of your unit, and have them recommend a competent company in your area. If it is the company that you've been using, explain that they have not fixed the unit. For very hard to find leaks, there is a product available that can be added to the refrigerant similar to "Stop Leak" for your auto radiator. This product is rather spendy, about the same price as five pounds of refrigerant, but if you are charging your unit each season, it would be worth the investment. Contact the company that "repaired" the leak last time, and ask how the technician verified that the leak was repaired, and how he verified that the charge was correct.

1.50 What is the cost of installing air conditioning?

Q. Does anyone know what the cost of installation of air conditioning in 3 bedrooms is likely to be ? No 'clever 'answers please to obtain points. Don't bother to the windows...I live on a busy trunk road and that is not possible.

A. I bought a stand alone A/C unit this summer - was only £200 and that cools a large bedroom - in fact because it's portable we even carried it downstairs & used it on a few days in the sitting room. Also, they do not require any professional installation. Delivery was next day & hubby was so impressed he bought a couple for the offices at work. Web site is listed below - there is even a calculator to work out what BTU you need & which units are best suited to your application - I highly recommend these people.

1.30 Is it possible for a home air conditioning unit to be the cause of its coils going bad?

Q. My Mom owns a Trane air conditioning unit and has had nothing but problems with it. She had the coil replaced on it a couple of years ago. Now a technician is telling her that the coils are bad again. They are telling her that there is something in the environment, her sprinkler system (sulfur), which is causing it to go bad. Does this explanation sound feasible? She uses well water for her sprinkler system but has had this sprinkler system for nearly 20 years. Before she had to get a new unit about 3 years ago she never had problems with the coil. Is it possible that the air conditioning unit itself could be causing the coils to go bad? i.e, a Freon leak or something.

A. Absolutely NO. I am sorry to say that many people like to lie about stuff that you dont know about and EXTORT money from you.The refrigerant contains oil which moves through the system with the refrigerant and a leak in the coil is very rare unless hit with a lawnmower or such. Also a leak can be repaired but ther is no profit in it and it takes time.I am an HVACRR Tech, 15 years and have heqard it all. You are welcome to contact me and I would love to have the Tech. (supposed) explain it to me!!! I will give you my phone number to have him call.

1.20 About how much does a furnace /air conditioning cost to replace?

Q. Our airconditioner has been leaking and leaving huge puddles of water on the floor from a hose attached to the back of it. The hose leads to a plastic drain pipe in the wall but its too high up and i THINK the water that is collected in this hose backs up and spills al over the floor. We just bought a BRAND NEW water heater and i dont want it rusting out but it will if i dont fix the air conditioner or set the water heater on bricks. Anyone know why its leaking and a inexpensive way to fix this? The hose is not clogged up either. I was wondering if a replacement air conditioning/heater (its combined) will cost us around 6,000 or more? Or will it be easier to fix whatevers wrong? ANY suggestions on what to look for in the back of of it or inside of it that can possibly be the cause to the air conditioning leaking and flooding the little room out. The heater works great. The air works too it just leaks when we run it.

A. The water from the air conditioner is condensation. It is normal for the water to be produced. It comes from the moisture in the air. The hose is for it to drain away. It is gravity fed, so you need to run the hose downward to a drain. It will not run upward. Find a way to drain it downward, and your water leak is solved.

1.20 If I find out my air conditioner was not installed properly can I make the orginal ac company pay for it?

Q. Recently I found out that our coolant was slowly leaking out of our ac. Our house was not cooling properly so we called an ac repair man to come out. He said we were really low on coolant and said that we should never have to add more unless we have a leak. (This is only our second summer in the house.) He found where something was not tightened down and was producing a slow leak. We paid him for his services and our ac is working great. He told us there was nothing wrong with our unit, it was poorly installed. Can we make the orginal installation company pay for the bill?

A. It is a possibility. Did you get a warranty from the original company that installed the A/C unit? How long is the warranty good for and what does it cover? Can it be proven that poor installation is the cause of this leak? If the bill is less than a few hundred dollars, I would just pay it and forget about it. It will be difficult to show that poor installation is the cause of the leak, especially if you have lived in the house for more than one year. Calling the original company and asking about it couldn't hurt.

1.20 Air Conditioning Repair Services and Plumbing?

Q. I want to contact a good Air Conditioning Repair Services & Plumbing Service provider in US. Do you guys have any idea where should I look for!

A. I would suggest you to check out this site.

1.20 Is there a central NJ air conditioning repair company that anyone recommends?


A. Yes Air Repair Service heating & air. There phone # is 908-330-7171. They have great rates too. Here is some info. Hope this helps. Air Repair Service Heating & Air We service & Install Air Conditoners, Furnaces, Air Cleaners, Hot Water Heaters, ... Heating and Air Conditioning service, Installation.

1.20 Who should I use for an HVAC System Cleaning?

Q. I need to get an HVAC system cleaned. What is the difference between service from an air duct company that says they can also clean the main furnace or blower unit and fan and using an HVAC company to clean the system? My system is electric. It is 8 yrs old, has never been cleaned and apparently has never had the filter changed. Thanks!

A. Hvac will usually only service the units and not clean the ducts. They should vacuum off the coils and fans and apply a coil cleaner to help remove the dirt that has been sucked into the coils over the years. Sometimes they will want to remove the coil, which means they will remove the freon, take out the coil and chemically clean it. At 8 years old they may try to sell you a new unit, which you prabably do not need. If you want to find a service company and do not have a recommendation try They will send your info out to qualified, reputable companies. Duct cleaners are not usually licensed ac repair men so be careful. You may get a good tech or you may end up with somebody just doing summer work. You can contact the same web site above for leads in this and all areas as well. Luck


 Air Conditioning - Repair Most air conditioner problems are the result of improper installation procedures, or inadequate maintenance of the unit. If your AC installation is undertaken by an unqualified or inexperienced technician, there are any number of things that could go wrong, leading to the need for AC repairs later. For instance, if he fails to charge the correct amount of refrigerant, it could quickly lead to leaks. If the thermostat is not installed properly at the time of installation, you can find that the temperature in the room drops below the thermostat temperature. To avoid the need for frequent and expensive air conditioner troubleshooting, first of all, get your unit installed by a licensed and experienced air conditioning contractor.

Improper installation of your air conditioner is also a leading cause of air conditioner problems. For instance, if your AC technician did not charge the correct amount of refrigerant during installation, the unit can quickly develop leaks. Improper operating procedures can also lead to air conditioner repair problems. For instance, switching air conditioners on and off frequently can cause the compressor and fan controls to wear out. if your air conditioner does not switch on immediately, check to see if the thermostat has been set to "cool". It should also be set to below the room temperature. Check if the breaker has tripped or if a fuse has blown. If you notice grinding noises in your blower, call your AC repair technician. Usually, it's a problem with improper belt alignment. If you notice pools of water accumulating next to the unit, check to see if there is a leak in one of the tubes. If not, it could be a problem with the pump.

The air conditioner repair tips listed above are only meant to be used by a person with more than basic DIY skills. If you are not comfortable handling electric appliances, leave your air conditioner troubleshooting to qualified Yorba Linda AC repair services. We can help you connect with air conditioning service and repair contractors in Yorba Linda.

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