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I have a home warranty with Choice Home Warranty. They sent someone a technician from another a company they contract with. he checked my air conditioner and told me the condenser needs to be replaced. I am trying to see who will give me a better price to do my repair. Please contact me asap.

Mary R

We've got a 1500 ft sq property in Annapolis in need of complete HVAC system. It's single level with full basement and currently unoccupied and completely vacant of junk and furniture. We're requesting bids for a complete Heat pump/ducting system/electronic thermostat system. There's an old oil burner currently installed and it's associated old, uninsulated ductwork. We want a very good system installed. 

Kirby T

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Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning Questions
1.30 Home thermostat not working!?

Q. I replaced a fully functional home thermostat with a new digital thermostat from Honeywell. Now neither my heating nor my air conditioning works. I have 5 wires white (W), red (R), green (G), blue (C) and yellow (Y). When I cross a wire with red nothing powers up, so its not the thermostat: for example, crossing red with white should turn on the heating. My breaker box shows all the breakers are enabled. I see no breakers or switches on or near the heating or air conditioning units. I've also reset all the GFCI outlets. What could I be missing? I hate to have to call an HVAC expert out here to kick a breaker or something silly. This has to be something simple. HELP!! More... The furnace is in the attic; Its difficult to work with. I prefer to test with the air conditioning that is just outside the door. Tests for just the furnace don't seem to explain why the air conditioning does not work either. Much more... The house was built in 2004. Much much more... I found the furnace documentation nailed to a 2x4 in the attic; actually its more of a crawl space: a real pain and dangerous to get to and move around. Yes, I was incorrect, all wiring for the air conditioner (AC) appears to go through the furnace, so I can not just test the AC. I now believe that I was working with a live wire (R); I tuned off breakers marked "AC", but there is no breaker or breakers marked "Furnace". Based on the documentation, its likely I blew out the fuse on the furnace circuit board, a 3 amp, 32 vac fuse. I will go buy a new fuse today and climb up into the attic tonight to change it out. Thanks for the hints on the fuse; I'll look around for another breaker box too. Conclusion.... I picked up a fuse at the local auto part store; Home Depot didn't carry the type specified by manufacturer. Once I figured out how to open the second part of the door, there was the purple fuse. I pulled it and saw that it was burned out. I replaced it, went down to the new thermostat and started-up the furnace. A whole lot of drama for a 50-cent fuse. Thanks everyone!

A. Open up your furnace and see what wires go where. The R and W on the board are for heat, but they don't always set it up colour coded like that. Check for an auto style fuse on the board, usually a 3 or 5 amp (purple or yellow). You may have blown that if you put the C (common 24 volt) wire in the wrong place or crossed it with something else. Add on: If your fuse in the furnace is blown, it won't relay the signal to the AC. Nothing will work. You have to check it. If you didn't power down the furnace while replacing the stat, chances are you crossed the 24 volt with something and popped it. The thermostat does not need 24 v to work if it has batteries in it, and a furnace from 2004 will more than likely NOT burn out the transformer. The transformer will pretty much out last any other component in a furnace.

1.30 What is a reasonable price range to have refrigerant service done to a 2.5 ton air conditioning unit?

Q. Unit is only 5 yrs. old, not sure if I'm quoting right I had about 5lbs. of pressure they took it up to 60-70 I believe.

A. Average range $175- $250. unless there is a leak on the line. than it's more.

1.20 The difference between air conditioning and air conditioner?

Q. Could you please tell me the difference between air conditioning and air conditioner? I knew that we can say that "this car comes with an air conditioning" . How about the following sentence: Does your apartment has an air conditioning /conditioner? Does this building has an central air conditioning system?

A. As others have said, an air conditioner is the machine, air conditioning is the result. Note that the machine is an object, therefore countable--you need "an". "Air conditioning" is intangible, therefore non-countable--no "an". >>I knew that we can say that "this car comes with an air conditioning" . You would say just "comes with air conditioning" or "an air conditioning system". >>Does your apartment has an air conditioning /conditioner? (With a question using "do", don't conjugate the main verb) You can say "Does your apartment have air conditioning?" or "Does your apartment have an air conditioner?" >>Does this building has an central air conditioning system? Again, "have" not "has", and it's "a" rather than "an" ("an" only goes right before a vowel sound), but otherwise perfect. "System" is countable.

1.20 How can i break the air conditioning?

Q. I live in an apartment and its October now theres no need for air conditioning but my family keeps turning it on! and im freezing my ass off here! i want to break it, like cause such sever damage to it that it will take the maintaince man weeks to come and fix it then my family will forget all about their precious air conditioning! but how? i dont want it to be so obvious!!

A. Don't break it. You will need it next summer. Just keep unplugging it when no-one is looking...LOL.

1.20 I want as an apprenticeship in an air conditioning company?

Q. I have a good experience in this field.they don't need to give me salary for 6 months salary.if possible if there is a air conditioning job vacancy please post it the first comment will be marked at best answer

A. You want to work for free for 6 months? That's nutty!

1.20 How do I stop the air conditioning from coming on automatically every time I start my car?

Q. It is a 2009 Renault Megane Coupe.The air conditioning comes on automatically upon starting and remains on until the car has heated up. This appears to increase the fuel consumption, so I always turn it off. I would rather if it didn't come on in the first place.

A. Check to see on what setting the air direction control is set to, normally if you have it set to windscreen de-misting then the air-con will come on. Ja.

1.20 Which company makes Challenge air conditioning units? Cant find a web site for Challenge. Any ideas?

Q. The air conditioning units are found on Argos. Need to know more details about the unit.

A. Try E-Bay. (www.ebay.com) That's how i got my bicycle.( It was a Haro. one of the best brands out there.) If you don't know what ebay is, its an online auction. thousands of items. evry thing you can think of.

1.20 How do I clean the air vents/air conditioning system for my car to get rid of a funky smoker's smell?

Q. I've been driving my boyfriend's old car for a while now. He used to smoke in it for ..gee, maybe a decade, and he still smokes in it when I drive him around. I've done a pretty good job of cleaning the smokey smell out of the upholstery and such, but I've noticed now that when I have the air conditioning on, there's a super funky stinky smell coming from the blower. I think it may be just from so much ash recirculating through the thing. How do I clean that out? What all can I take apart by myself? Would it be enough to remove the plastic panels and vacuum into the vents, or do I need to vacuum somewhere within it somewhere else? :( It's a very weird smell, and it's kind of embarrassing if I'm driving someone else around with air conditioning.

A. Sorry, but there is no way, short of removing the entire dashboard and heater system to clean the smell out of it. It may dissipate over time, but you're kind of stuck with it.

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